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The ECS-3 Scanner is a handheld eddy current scanner that enhances the inspection of surfaces by providing fast NDI inspections and detailed, real-time C-scan imaging.

Features include:

  • Scrollable C-scan imaging in colour or grey scale
  • Colours depict shape, size, and depth of discontinuities
  • Included Colour Palette Tool allows creation of application specific colour scales
  • Data and images can be saved and reviewed later for verification of defects or used for reports
  • Save up to 24m of continuous data
  • On/Off switch on the handheld scanner coordinates
  • the null and erase functions automatically
  • Can be used with both non-magnetic and magnetic
  • fasteners in aluminium and other materials
  • Limited Subsurface scanning
  • Removable, easy to exchange probes
  • Simple to setup, calibrate, and operate
  • Ideal in finding defects around flush fasteners


  • Replaceable
  • Absolute coil arrangement
  • 20 kHz for deeper penetration
  • 200 kHz for standard surface inspection such as aluminium
  • 2MHz for surface inspection of low conductivity alloys such as titanium
  • Other frequencies available depending on application

    • ECS-3 Scanner – The Operator’s hand controls the start and stop of the scans as well as the motion of the scanner. Designed to fit in the hands of an average adult.
    • C-Scan Display and Controller – Collects the data and displays it as a C-scan for further evaluation.
    • Compatible with the EVi system


    • Scan Width 19mm
    • Weight 0.54 kg
    • Size of Scanner 145 x 76 x 61 mm
    • Cable Length 2.4 m
    • Scan Motion Circular
    • Coil Type Absolute or Differential
    • Operating Voltage 24 Volts DC
    • On/Off Handy push-button control on the front of the scanner
    • Null & Erase Integrated into the On/Off Button

Additional Information

UniWest Specialty Probes Brochure


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