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Angle Beam Potted

Angle beam transducers are single element shear wave transducers in a non-marring plastic housing. The high sensitivity and good resolution of these transducers allow them to be widely used and make them a popular choice for many NDT applications. They are found in diverse applications in industries employing NDT such as weld inspection and flaw detection on air frames and other such applications. Custom designs available upon request. Suitable for Al and Steel(D), transducers come in 45,60 and 70 degree (C) configurations. Connection points can be on the top or side(E).

*All transducers are fitted with a microdot style connector

**Part Number- A-B-C-D-E-F (inches)- ie ABP-1/4x1/4-45-AL-S-5 is a 6.4x6.4mm 45 Degree Aluminium 5MHz transducer with a side connection.

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