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IdealBorescope O

3ig's range of Borescopes are a tool to place a camera where it’s needed, quickly and simply. The O model range are 720p high resolution borescopes with a minimum probe size 3.9 mm. Ideal for any application.

Probe Selection 

Probes are available with cameras facing out from the tip of the cable, or at a 90 deg angle to the side. For the O model range most probes are articulated with a 1.5 m cable or longer. 

Kit Probes

6 mm w. 4 Way articulation


3.9 mm w. 4 Way Articulation

Alternative Probes

6 mm w. 4 way articulation and 90 deg camera

6 mm with fixed 90 deg camera 

3.9 mm w. 4 way articulation and 90 deg camera

3.9 mm with fixed 90 deg camera 

Example Images


  • 720p (1280 x 720) resolution camera on all probe options 
  • 5” TFT LCD 
  • Depth of view 8-150mm
  • 5” TFT LCD
  • Snapshot and video recording
  • Tungsten coil layer
  • Memory: TF card (Up to 32GB)
  • Rechargeable 18650 battery with 2 hrs working time


Other Resources



Auckland, New Zealand

Jun Han Lee

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