DY-2 Pull Off Tester

Dy-2 Pull Off TesterThe DY-2 family of automated pull-off testers covers the complete range of pull-off applications with unmatched ease of operation and a unique capability to store a complete record of the test.
The DY-2 is further unique in that it records every single test parameter required by the specification.

  • Time and date of the test
  • Test disc size 
  • Maximum load applied 
  • Automatic calculation of bond strength 
  • Applied load rate with graphical record 
  • Complete time of test 
  • Failure mode 

For the very first time, the operator is able to provide a complete record of the pull-off test, proving that the test was carried out in accordance with the applicable standard.
Three versions of DY-2 are available differentiated by maximum pulling force. This covers the complete range of pull-off applications (examples for Ø 50mm test discs) for normal, low strength such as mortar or high strength such as carbon fibre reinforced polymer.

DY – 2 Models

  Working Range*  
  Tensile Force Test Disk Ø 50 mm  
DY-206  0.6 - 6 kN 0.3 - 3.1 MPa   
135 - 1349 lbf 44 - 443 psi   
DY-216  1.6 - 15.5 kN 0.81 - 7.8 MPa  
360 - 3485 lbf 118-1145 psi   
DY-225  2.5 kN - 25 kN 1.3 - 12.7 MPa  
562 - 5620 lbf 185 - 1847 psi  

DY-206 has increased accuracy for low strength applications such as testing adhesive strength of mortars and renders.

DY-216 covering most applications.

DY-225 for very high strength applications such as testing of fibre reinforced polymers bonded to concrete structures or testing the bond strength of repair and overlay materials.


pull off test, Pull off tester, coating test, coating adhesion, CoatingFeatures

  • Integrated, feedback controlled motor removes operator variations by fully automated testing at a constant load rate which can be verified.
  • Full data logging including failure mode entry options for up to 
  • Automatic calculation of strength for different test discs without re-calibration of system
  • DY-Link software displays complete record of test including load rate graph
  • Wide range of test disks / dollies


  • Concrete or shotcrete tensile strength measurement
  • Measuring the bond of overlays, renders or repairs
  • Coating adhesion 
  • Pull off testing is also used for exotic testing applications such as testing the integrity of laminated carbon brake disks

pull off test, Pull off tester, coating test, coating adhesion, CoatingBenefits

  • Failure mode reporting – The DY-2 is unique in allowing the operator to record the location of the break during a test in the same record as the strength measurement.
  • Six month mechanical and 2 year electronic component warranty
  • DY-2 is calibrated to EN ISO 7500-1 Class 1, this calibration exceeds the accuracy requirements of all standards stated later in this brochure 



Test Discs

Size (mm) Materials No Thread
20Ø Al


50Ø  Al or Fe 10 M10
75Ø  Al 5 M10
100Ø  Al 3 M10
50 x 50 Al 10 M10
40 x 40 Al 10 M10
100 x 100 Al 3 M10








Technical Specifications 

Accuracy and Resolution  EN ISO 7500-1 Class 1 (±1%)
Memory capacity   100 measurements
Battery capacity

 1500 mAh, 3.7V

 (min. 80 measurements)

Charger connection  USB type A (5V, 500mA)
Weight   4.5 kg
Dimensions of housing  109 x 240 x 205.5 mm
Operating temperature  -10 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage temperature  -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)







Applicable Standards

  • ISO 4624 CEN/TC 125
  • EN 1452/1015-12/1348
  • ASTM C 4541 / ACI 503-30
  • ASTM D 7234-05 / D7522 / D4541
  • ZTV-SIB 90

Menu System Illustration

 Dy-2 Menu System

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