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Probe Cables, Calibration Blocks and Other Accessories

Probe Cables

  • All Cables are manufactured with RG174 as standard unless otherwise stated
  • Other Connectors, Cable Types and Lengths available upon request (£POA)




Calibration Blocks 

  • We offer and manufacture a full range of Calibration Blocks, standard and custom made.
  • Most of the Calibration Blocks can be manufactured out of a material you specify for example Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium or even supply.
  • Full traceability is guaranteed and Individual Certification is provided for every block.

Probe and Cable Accessories

We can also provide other accessories from GB such as: Probe accessories (maintenance and replaceable parts), equipment cases and cable accessories (adaptors etc)

Custom Made Probes

GB Inspection Systems have manufactured bespoke probes for over 30 years, covering a wide range of applications.
From simple contouring of probes used on pipe testing or providing special housings for easier access on test areas to probes designed for your specific testing applications.
Some typical applications for which we have manufactured probes are:

  • Bore probe for turbine rotor inspection
  • Railway probes for track and axle testing
  • Turbine blade probes for steam turbine blades
  • Time of flight probes for Inconel inspection
  • Probes for automatic test systems
  • Through-transmission probes and single probes to detect the presence of fluids
  • Probes for nuclear plant inspection
  • High temperature probes for petro-chemical plant and oil pipeline inspection
  • Underwater test probes for oil platforms
  • Aerospace application

Certification of Probes

ICO-CON, Individual Certificate of Conformity

ICO-CAL, Individual Certification Certificate of Calibration with detailed test results

ICO-CALW, Individual Certificate of calibration including waveform and test results

We also offer a range of Export Documentation for International shipments. The order will be supplied with a commercial invoice and packing list Free of Charge, any Country or Customer specific documentation will be charged extra. Costs TBC at order stage.
Examples include: Certificate of Origin, ATR 1, EUR 1

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