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GB Standard Ultrasonic Probes

Established in 1984 and Headquartered in in the United Kingdom, GB Inspection systems manufactures probes and associated accessories for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Railway, Aerospace and Metal industries to name a few.

GB Inspection probes are manufactured from the best materials available and are produced with meticulous attention to detail and exacting quality control. You can be sure your GB Inspection probe will be of high performance and quality.

With a wide variety of probe connections, frequencies and wear faces, you can be sure to find a configuration that you need within GB inspection system’s range.


Ultrasound is a mechanical stress wave that is at a frequency that is outside of the range of human hearing. There are three main ways to generate ultrasound, the piezo-electric effect, magnetostriction and electrostriction. Only the first two are reversible and therefore are the only types you will find in NDT inspections.

Piezo-electric transducers are the most widely used in NDT inspections. Piezo-electric transducers can produce mechanical waves from a voltage and then when mechanically stressed, will also produce a voltage in return. This makes them ideal for flaw detection and dimensional analysis as they can generate and “listen” for ultrasonic waves. Piezo-electric transducers can be manufactured to produce suitable properties for inspection. Examples of this are changing the crystal thickness to modify frequency, changing the crystal material to increase efficiency and heat tolerance, or changing crystal diameter to modify beam geometry.


Ultrasonic testing is ideal for detecting laminar type defects, voids and inclusions with facets perpendicular to the propagation of the ultrasonic wave.

Ultrasonic inspection can be conducted normal (perpendicular to the wave entry surface) or we can use angled probes to find flaws that aren’t perpendicular to the wave entry surface.

Ultrasonic inspection finds many uses in virtually every industry. This ranges from flaw detection, to dimensional and even finite analysis (at higher frequencies). Ultrasonics is a wide discipline with a wide range of available customizations and specialized testing methods.


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