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Newsletter September - December

Merry Christmas from PCTE!

New Handheld, Portable and Lightweight Videoscopes

Introducing the new U and W Ideal Borescope Kits from 3ig Corp are a brilliant addition to our Videoscope range. They are ultra-portable, lightweight, handheld Videoscopes, designed for inspections in hard to reach places and technicians that value mobility. The U Kit supports Microsoft Windows 10, with a 400x400 pixel resolution, insert probe support, with an option of 2.2mm or 1.6mm diameter. Snapshot, video recording and adequate lighting allow for good quality imaging. High-powered LED with high transmission fibreoptic and a field depth between 3-50 mm, makes for a clear and straightforward Videoscope inspection. The machine has a working time in excess of 2 hours and comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery.

The slightly more powerful W kit Videoscope similarly supports Microsoft Windows 10, but with a 1280 x 720p resolution. You have an option of a 6mm, 3.9mm and 3mm Probe diameter, coupled with that is an improvement to the depth of field capabilities (8-150mm) and 360° all-ways articulation. Interchangeable camera tips also come ad an option.

Both Videoscopes are compatible with your Apple, Android or Microsoft device.


(Video) Usability Calibration on the Proceq UT8000

The attached video demonstrates the very thoughtful user interface and user experience design choices in Proceq's brand new UT8000. In this video, you can see how simple calibration is from start to saving. Logical menus, familiar gestures and common sense design choices all come together to create a user experience previously reserved for consumer products. Watch the video and see for yourself why even the simplest of tasks have us excited about the UT8000.






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