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Zehntner ZG8000 - Portable digital glossmeter

ZG8000The Zehntner ZG8000 glossmeter (Gloss Meter) by Proceq enables coating suppliers, product manufacturers and quality inspectors to do exactly that— inspect the quality of a surface finish or applied coating.

Connect the probe wirelessly to your mobile device and enjoy the user-friendly app with insightful statistics, sharing, collaboration and reporting - anywhere, anytime.


  • 20° (high-gloss), 60° (mid-gloss) and Haze measurement geometries 
    • 20°: 0 – 2’000 GU, 60°: 0 – 1’000 GU, Haze: 0 – 1’000 HU
  • Contact measurements with mounted nose or contactless measurements at 5 mm 
  • Stray Light Compensation, removes sunlight or other light pollution from measurements
  • Link by Bluetooth to Proceq App, export to .pdf, raw data or Web App.


Glossmeter AppThe app automatically calculates measurement statistics and displays the series with bar graphs, thus reducing manual transcription errors.

The synchronization and sharing of your measurements through the Proceq Live cloud platform also eliminates the use of easy-to-lose USB drives (or paper scraps) with measurements.

A simple digital workflow makes standards-compliant reporting a breeze, with just a couple of taps, and clear traceable data. 

The Zehntner Glossmeter supports Proceq's Logbook feature, recording the Geolocation and supporting voice, image and text annotations.

Cloud synchronisation means the lead time from measurement to sign-off is mere seconds, with a range of ways to send the measurement to another device, or export a .pdf or raw data. 


ZG8000 ProbeThe probe is powered by an off-the-shelf, flight-safe AAA battery that can be recharged over USB.

For measuring sensitive surfaces or curved parts with stability alternative feet are also available. The built-in targeting laser can be used together with the side-view of the measuring spot to make positioning accurate.

Despite its pocket size, the Zehntner ZG8000 probe features a standards-compliant two-angle geometry for measuring high-gloss and mid-gloss surfaces at 20° and 60° of light incidence with high accuracy and repeatability. This also makes it possible to measure haze, i.e. the degree of reflection from inside a highly-reflective coating.

Traditional glossmeters have long suffered from measurement inaccuracies that are caused by stray light from natural or artificial light sources – from the sun or the subtle strobe effect of overhead halogen lights. The Zehntner ZG8000 features Stray Light Compensation - intelligent algorithms monitor the environment for stray light and utilize this information to exclude deviations, so that you can measure with high accuracy and peace of mind - anywhere, anytime.


PC Software
Zehntner Live App & website interface
Display Standalone device: OLED Monochrome, 256 x 64 px,
active size 50.7 x 12.4 mm
Live use: Any compatible Apple® iOS device
Memory Device if offline: approx. 20’000 measurements
App: Up to 1 TB (depending on the Apple iOS device)
Connections Bluetooth® Low Energy to Apple iOS device
Wi-Fi or 4G to Proceq Live cloud
Measurements Contact measurements: with mounted nose
Contactless measurements: without nose having measuring distance of 5 mm
Report Generation Data export to XLS, CSV
Reporting export to PDF
Measurement Modes Single, Continuous, Scan
Measuring Area 20°: 3.5 mm
60°: 3.8 x 6.5 mm
Measuring Geometries 20° (high-gloss), 60° (mid-gloss) and Haze
Measuring Range 20°: 0 – 2’000 GU
60°: 0 – 1’000 GU
H : 0 – 1’000 HU
Weight ca. 150 g
Battery Removable, 1x AAA, flight-safe
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C, <95% RH, non-condensing
Special Features Stray Light Compensation
High-contrast OLED screen
Target positioning laser

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