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ACCUR Thickness Gauge

ACCUR-5 Thickness GaugeThe ACCUR series are the new generation thickness gauges from Doppler.

The ACCUR provides improved performance, with an increased stability & repeatability.

Thickness gauges are widely used in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, power generation, shipping & manufacturing, pressure vessels and storage tanks. 


A-Scan Snapshot, Data Logger
Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo Mode (Thru Coating)
400 Files, 100,000 Readings
Live A/B Scan Display, Data Logger
Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo Mode (Thru Coating)
400 Files, 100,000 Readings, 1,000 Waveforms

Performance Features

Common applications include metals (such as steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, etc), plastic, ceramic, glass, fibre-glass and other ultrasonic good conductors.

  • Can be used with various dual crystal probes in different sizes and frequencies.
  • Flexible Calibration Function for single point calibration or two point calibration can correct the error of the system automatically.
  • By using known specimen thickness, the sound velocity can be measured, which will improve the measurement accuracy.
  • Coupled with prompt, low voltage-tips on the screen.
  • EL backlight display function: for measurement in poor light conditions.
  • Dump energy indicator function: to display the real time dump energy of the batteries.
  • Shutdown mode: manual and automatic shutdown features are helpful for increasing battery life.
  • Compact size is able to deliver high reliability, ability to handle vibration and the typical Australian harsh conditions.


Various parts of instruments, to provide fast, accurate measurement of the plate and the parts processing table. Another important application of this watch is monitoring the production equipment of all kinds of piping and pressure vessel, in the use of monitor to the refinement degree. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and other fields.



Operating PrinciplePulse echo with dual element transducer
Measuring Range0.60mm to 508mm(0.025'' to 20.00'') depending on probe, material and surface condition
Measuring Resolution0.01mm, 0.1mm
Display2.4'' color OLED,320*240 pixels, contrast 10000:1
Update Rate4HZ, 8HZ, 16HZ
Material Velocity Range500 TO 9999m/s
PowerTwo AA batteries
Operating TimeApproximately 40 hours
Operating Temperature-10 to 50(specification to -20 on request)
Weight280g including batteries
Data Logger Capacity400 file, 100000readings
Operating LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Japanese, French
Application SoftwareUnview PC software
InterfacesUSB 2.0 port
Display ModesNormal, minimum/maximum capture,DIFF/RR%
V-path CorrectionAutomatic
Alarm SettingsMinimum and maximum alarms. range of 0.25 mm to 508 mm, dynamic waveform color change on alarm

 Transducer Specifications 

TypeUM-5 StandardUM-5 D/DL StandardStandardCast IronSmall TubeFingertipHigh-Temperature
Frequency5 MHz5 MHz5 MHz2 MHz7.5 MHz10 MHz5 MHz
Contact Diameter11 mm 13.5 mm13.5 mm17 mm8 mm6 mm 15 mm
Measurement Range0.8 to 100 mm1.2 to 200 mm1 to 200 mm4 to 508 mm0.8 to 30 mm0.5 to 12 mm4 to 80 mm
Temperature Range -10 to 70⁰C -10 to 70⁰C-10 to 70⁰C -10 to 70⁰C -10 to 70⁰C -10 to 70⁰C -20 to 480⁰C

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