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PA/TOFD Scanners

FC-02- PA+TOFD Scanner

PA/TOFD (FC02) Scanner support curvature adjustment, applicable to detection for pipe and plate in direction of circumferential and axial. Pressure regulator ensures wedge closely attach to work
piece for an effective detection. By equipped with reliable brake device, the scanner can firmly stay at any position. By simple operation, most of scanning functions can be achieved manually.
Scanner can be assembled with 4 probes according to detection requirement (PA / UT), convenient assembly and disassembly.


  • Assembly of 4 probes, probe clamping arms can be disassembled unilateral manually
  • Two horizontal bars can be folded to adjust curvature, manual adjustment can realize detection from 7 inch pipe to plate in direction of axial
  • Two horizontal bars can be rotated, manually adjust a pair of probe clamping arms can realize detection from 6 inch pipe to plate in direction of circumference
  • Both sides have a brake device, scanner can stay at any position
  • Inner water distribution device , save more space
  • Space of walking wheel adjustable, freely work on short work piece
  • Clamp wedge for different size, strong adaptability

Standard Kits

Two brackets (including angle adjusting block, handle and brake device)

Two foldable horizontal bars with total length of 446mm; One encoder with 2.8m cable

Four probe clamping arms

One water distribution device

Carrying case and other accessories

RangeCircumferential: Φ150mm~Flat
Axial: Φ425mm~Flat
Dimensions 446x182x128mm
Encoder Step 48 Pulses/mm
IP LevelIP67
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Clamp Width of Wedge 32~48mm


FC-02+ - PA+TOFD Scanner


FC-02+ Scanner is based on the model: FC-02, with extra 1~4 probe clamps, allows to clamp maximum 8 Phased Array or TOFD probes, which is suitable for multi-groups of Phased Array or TOFD inspection requirements.


  • Scope of Application: Same as FC-02
  • Standard Configuration: Added Four Variable Angle Probe Clamps


Range"Circumferential: Φ150mm~Flat
Axial: Φ425mm~Flat"
Dimensions446 x 476 x 139mm
Encoder Step 48 Step/mm
IP LevelIP67
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Clamp Width of Wedge 32~48mm

FC-01- PA+TOFD Scanner

Doppler FC-01 Type PA+TOFD welds scanner is suitable for pipe butt weld inspection with diameter over 6"(150mm) by axial direction, and flat butt weld inspection.

Combine with four probe clamps & one wheel type encoder. Free collocation of PA probes & TOFD probes by inspection needs.

Range Circumferentialφ150mm~Flat
Dimensions 426 x 110 x 125mm
Encoder Step 48Step/mm
IP Level IP67
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃


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