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Mouse Scanners

MOS-01 Mouse ScannerThe Mouse scanner is an ergonomic scanner that allows for quick and manoeuvrable inspection of pipe and butt welds without the restriction of an X/Y scanner with fixed arms.

A Mouse scanner has a built-in encoder allowing positioning without restrictions. 

MOS-01 - Mouse Type Girth Weld Scanner

Doppler MOS-01 Mouse Type Scanner is designed for recordable inspection of circumferential above φ100mm Pipe Girth Welds and Plate Butt Welds by using Phased Array Probe.


  • Uses the imitation mouse ergonomics design, the operation is convenient and comfortable
  • Encoder hidden in the "mouse" can prevent the encoder from slipping, resulting in data loss, while enhance the life of the encoder
  • "Mouse" is equipped with four strong magnetic wheels and torsion spring, which can make the phased array probe and the workpiece surface closely adhere to ensure the coupling effect.
  • It can change the clamping direction of the probe at 90 degrees, compatible with "left and right scan" and "front and back scan"


Range Circumferential: φ100mm~Flat
Dimensions 95 x 85 x 65 mm
Encoder Step 51.6 Step/mm
IP Level IP67
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Wedge Width Range 32 ~ 48 mm

MOS-02 - Mouse Type TKY Corner Weld Scanner

  • Doppler MOS-02 Mouse Type Scanner is designed for recordable inspection of TKY Conner Welds by using Single Phased Array Probe.


  • Mouse Type Ergonomic Design, Smart and Comfort to Operate
  • Conceal Design of Encoder prevent data loss of encoder track-slipping and extend the lifetime of encoder
  • MOS-02 includes 4 strong magnetic wheels, combined with pressure springs to make sure tightly close fit between Phased Array probe and workpiece surface, and ensure sufficient coupling effects
  • The probe clamping is 90° direction adjustable, to perform lateral scanning and vertical scanning.


Scanner Size196 x 100 x 78 mm
Encoder Step 38 Pulses/mm
IP Level IP67
Wedge Clamping Width32 ~ 48 mm

MOS-03 - Mouse Type PA/TOFD Dual Probes Scanner

Doppler MOS-03 Mouse Type Scanner is designed for bilateral inspection simultaneous of Plate Butt Welds by using Dual Phased Array Probes, or single group of TOFD inspection. Equipped with a Laser Guide, to ensure when traveling along the weld centre-line during inspection.

  • Scope of Application: Plate Butt Welds
  • Scanner Size: 350 x 182 x 43 mm
  • Encoder Step: 38 Pulses/mm
  • Ingress Protection Ratting: IP67
  • Wedge Clamping Width: 32~48 mm



MOS-40 - Dual Probes Spiral Welded Pipe Scanner (Axial or Girth Welding Compatible)

Doppler MOS-40 mouse-like dual probes scanner is mainly used for spiral welded pipe welding inspection. To perform dual PAUT probes encoded inspection or TOFD encoded inspection to Axial or Girth welding, and flat butt welding.

Each probe angle is adjustable, mouse wheels are adjustable alone with the pipe size. It’s compact and easy to handle.

RangeAxial, Girth: OD≥φ200mm
Spiral Welded: OD≥φ500mm
Dimensions 282 x 243 x 82 mm
Encoder Step 32 Step/mm
IP Level IP64
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Wedge Width Range22 ~ 48 mm

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