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Ultrasonic Transducers / Probes

Doppler are acknowledged as the emerging force in supplying efficient, reliable, and cost-effective probes capable of withstanding the rigors of industrial inspections. Doppler probes are accurate and feel comfortable in hand for inspectors carrying out hours of manual inspections.

PCTE will now be able to supply Phased Array/TOFD instruments, probes, wedges, cables and scanners. Other advanced probes available are TRL, Flexible Array, Laterally Focused Array, PA Wheel Probe and Dual Matrix Array. Conventional shear wave, compression, high temperature, thickness, immersion, delay line, cables and couplant.



High Temperature

High Temperature



Doppler designed a series of standard ultrasonic transducers (probes), customized UT probes, Phased Array probes, TOFD Probes and relevant accessories (cables, connectors etc). In total there are more than 4000 models available to suit all applications. PCTE are proud to distribute Doppler in Australia and New Zealand, we carry local stock of the most sought after Probes and have the ability to supply others quickly.

With more than 10 years transducer design experience and continually improving manufacturing processes to ensure high performance and reliability of products. Doppler keep bringing in new talents, investing in R&D, testing and production facilities. From ultrasonic field distribution to transducer stack up design, Doppler keep innovating and progressing to bring better products and
services to clients.

The industries, ultrasonic probes can be used for are widely varied. They include aerospace, defence, nuclear power, oil and gas, mechanical manufacturing, shipping, railway transportation, medicals and so on, and used on a variety of projects around the world.

Ultrasonic Probe Selection

The Ultrasonic Probe (transducer) is the most essential part of ultrasonic detection systems. Therefore to choosing the correct probe is critical for detection of flaws and the accuracy of depths, sizes and thickness results. Doppler provides three different kinds of performance probes, with unique application and performance characteristics. The description below shows transmitter, configuration, cable, crystal frequency, crystal size etc., characteristics and applications of three types of probes.

PL - Universal Series

  • General inspection environments. Ideal for high sensitivity and penetration applications, less resolution and bandwidth required environments.

    With appropriate sensitivity and resolution
  • Longer duration of wave, typically at 3-5 cycles
  • Lower bandwidth, typically at 35-50%

PH - Short Pulsing Series

Ideal for precise thickness measurement, near surface detection environments. High damping and bandwidth, high SNR for high attenuation material detection, good resolution for precise thickness measurements and near surface detection environments, detection environments.

  • Excellent vertical and horizontal resolutions
  • Tiny blind spot width of initial pulse
  • Less Sensitivity than PL and C Series
  • Shorter duration of wave, typically at 1.5-2 cycles
  • Higher Bandwidth, typically at 80-110%

C - Composite Series

1-3 Piezo-Composite Crystal. High penetration power and high SNR for coarse-grained, attenuating, fiber-reinforced composite materials.

  • Higher Sensitivity than PL and PH Series
  • Shorter duration of wave, typically at 2-2.5 cycles
  • Higher Bandwidth, typically at 70-110%
  • Low acoustic impedance composites enable probes better matching with low acoustic impedance medium such as water, plastics, etc

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