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UT8000 Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

Compact, Durable and Adaptable 

Proceq's UT8000 is a new generation of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector. It places a pulser-reciever module in a portable, lightweight control box, compatible with all standard UT probes.

The brilliant UT8000 Live software is available for Apple iPad devices, with unique market leading features such as time rewind to record echo dynamics and the fastest DAC curve on any device. 

The pulser-receiver unit has two distinct pieces, the battery pack and the pulser-receiver. Without the battery pack the pulser-receiver is light enough to mount on most standard drones. The unit is IP67 rated and Mil-STD drop tested.

The Pulser-Receiver specs are as follows:

1 UT channel
Transducer Socket
Lemo 00
Pulse Voltage
Gain Range
0.5 - 20MHz
Charging and Data
USB Type C



Flexible Power  

Comes with a quick switch bayonet style removable battery pack. The pack contains 6x AA batteries. The unit will be supplied with six nickel-metal hydride batteries that are flight safe. In a pinch the customer can use standard AA batteries, provided they don’t try to recharge them. The unit can also be powered without the battery pack. The USB Type C pass-through, opens up other possibilities for power meaning, the client can pass through power from a drone or even an external power bank used to recharge their existing devices.

  • Battery pack uses standard AA batteries - Easy switch out if they cant wait for charging
  • Can use an external power bank as another power solution
  • Flexible power and weight options for drone mounting etc.
  • Battery pack is a simple bayonet twist and pull.

Flexible Screen Capability 

The customer can choose from the full range of Apples iPad devices. With Apple’s high quality screen technology, they will arguably have the best screens available on any UT set available. They can also adapt the screen to their application, if they want portability they can go the iPad mini, if they want no compromises and a 120Hz refresh rate that will give even an analogue display a run for its money, they can use an iPad pro 11 or 12.9.

  • Can adapt their screen choice to their application. Mini for tight spaces, iPad pro for no compromises.
  • The iPad Pro refresh rate of 120Hz is faster than anything other screen available. This will make scanning smoother.
  • If they destroy the screen, which happens, they can source another iPad and be back on the job rather than waiting for weeks or months for a repair.

Workflow Possibilities 

With the right combination of apps the technician will be able to issue reports directly from the iPad. With a little bit of learning, the technician can also do technical drawings with the Apple pencil. Not only is the UT8000 compact, but the iPad can eliminate the need to carry laptops, paper standards, a camera and paper notepads. The UT8000 and and iPad can easily be carry on compliant eliminating any stress from equipment transport while still allowing the technician to have everything they need with them. There are apps for CAD drawings, Sharepoint, signing documents and scanning documents etc.


Adaptable connectivity

Like other equipment in Proceq’s Live Range the UT8000 can be connected via WiFi. Like the GPR and Pundit Live it can only be connected to an iPad device. The UT8000 will also be able to be connected via cable to address any latency issues.

Wireless Connectivity

Based on initial impressions the wireless use will be good enough for UT thickness surveys and basic scanning work. The benefit is that the client can mount the unit on drones and robotics and not have to worry about running cables back to get the readings. Based on my experience here are some applications that this might work for:

  • Mounting on a drone, to conduct thickness surveys remotely
  • Mounting the pulser-receiver on one end of an extension pole and the iPad on the other, allowing the technician to get readings on areas that are just out of reach or to avoid bending.
  • Mounting the UT8000 on a wheel probe, allowing the technician to get readings down vertical drops, such as tank strakes or vertical pipework.
  • Collaboration between a rope access tech and a more experienced NDT specialist.

Cabled Connectivity

Intensive scanning work will likely require the cable. This is a non-issue as there are very few practical applications that I can think of that would require intensive scanning and the separation of the iPad and the pulser-receiver. Any application where the client is concerned they will miss data due to latency can be addressed with this cabled connection. Can also address issues with busy WiFi or signal loss due to density of metal structures.

Cloud Technology

Being part of Proceq’s live family the UT8000 can be connected to the cloud, allowing easy sharing of report information and even the possibility of another technician dialing into the iPad and assisting with interpretation remotely (Teamviewer is an option, there is also a way to use Quicktime to do this).


User Interface

Proceq hires UX/UI specialists and it shows in the UT8000. Commonly used functions are tied to gestures. Some examples are:

  • Vertical swipe for Gain
  • Horizontal swipe for Zero offset
  • Horizontal pinch for Range
  • Drag and drop gates
  • Tap for DAC points, record and removal.

The user interface is one of the main selling points. New technicians and old should find the learning curve very simple and operation intuitive.

Flaw Detection

As already discussed the User Interface makes set-up for flaw detection pretty simple. However Proceq has added some really useful tools to assist with reporting and recording.

Flaw Table

A flaw table is used to record information regarding the reportable flaws detected. This integrates with the logbook functionality and includes the time rewind information. When the technician exports the logbook not only does it include the metadata like serial numbers, settings, location etc, it also includes all information input into the flaw table. Including the time rewind.

Time Rewind - Echo Dynamics

Time rewind is a very useful tool. The way a flaw behaves on screen when scanning in a certain direction (transverse, raster, lateral & orbital) is a large part of the classification of the flaw. This behaviour is what we refer to as the echo dynamics and unfortunately a single photo rarely captures this. With the rewind function the technician has the ability to press record and the set will recall a few seconds prior and up to the time the technician stops. This means that the technician can capture the full echo dynamics and include that as justification for their interpretation. Nothing else on the market does this.

Corrosion Surveys

The UT8000 has a flexible grid function. This is very important for closed or open grid corrosion surveys. Up until this point the best that technicians had was simple sequential data logging that required them to plan out the grid. Now the user can define a grid size and resolution and then take a survey as they see fit. If there is a part of the grid they want to alter, they just tap and re-take the reading. This is a far simpler than anything else currently available.


The UT8000 has huge potential for streamlining the UT workflow and making everything more traceable. One of the biggest weaknesses of the method is actually its traceability and the UT8000 addresses that. The logbook records metadata and all changes made during the inspection. When the Technician exports this logbook, its essentially a full snapshot of the inspection, from start to finish. There can be as little or as much detail in this as a company’s internal procedures call for. In order to fully take advantage of this feature set, a company needs to consider how they want to integrate this into their workflow and their internal procedures. With the right workflow, a company can capture every single piece of information that they require to issue a report.

Hot Swapping & Benefits for Technicians

The license is with the unit. UT technicians can set up their own accounts which means all their settings and inspection logs will be recorded. Another technician can use the same iPad and log in with their account and have their settings and inspection logs recorded. If the company issues iPads individually, they can have a pool of UT8000 that get issued as needed. Eliminating the need for individual technicians to have their own dedicated units. When it comes to the increasing difficulty with certification. The UT8000 can serve as a log for the time a technician has spent doing UT. Making it easier for them when it comes to recertification.


Tablet Holder

  • Adjustable view
  • Can act as a stand either supported on a flat surface or by the UT8000 itself.
  • When attached to the UT8000 can fold flat, keeping the UT8000 in intimate contact with therear of the tablet.
  • Can be mounted on ferromagnetic surfaces using the rare earth magnets in the rear.

Battery Pack

A spare battery pack with 6 rechargeable batteries.


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