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Chain Scanners

CRS-7 Chain ScannerIntroducing a “Tool Free” assembly Chain Scanner. Ideal for tube repairs to ensure full weld penetration has occurred. Chain scanners can be configured for inspecting either one side of the weld at a time or both sides of the weld.

CRS-7 - Chain Scanner for Small Pipes

Doppler's CRS-7 Chain scanner is mainly used to inspect girth welding of pipes OD 20mm to 114.3mm, one chain is supplied as standard or two chains are optional. The CRS-7 has a tool free assembly. 

Range φ20mm~φ114.3mm
Encoder Step 100 Step/mm
Width 55mm
Height 12mm
IP Level IP65
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃

CRS-15 - Chain Scanner for Small Diameter Pipes

Doppler CRS-15 small piping scanner is mainly used with pipes of OD 20mm to 114.3mm for girth welding PAUT scans. Single or twin chains optional, width of each chain is only 34mm, which could be deployed to limited clearance with a special probe. Narrow chains with quick disassembly.


Range φ20mm~φ114.3mm
Encoder Step 100 Step/mm
Width 34mm
Height 17mm
IP LevelIP65
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃

MOS-04 - Chain Scanner for Large Pipelines

MOS-04 is suitable for circumferential weld testing of large diameter pipes. The scanner is easy to assemble and operate, and can be quickly disassembled. An MS-04 scanner can clamp two PA + two TOFD probes simultaneously for weld scanning. It is suitable for circumferential weld scanning of large pipes with diameters ranging from 203mm - 1270mm.

Girth Range Φ203mm-Φ1270mm
IP LevelIP65
Storage Temperature -20°C- +60°C
Operating Temperature -10°C- +50°C

CRS-25 - Chain Scanner

A CRS-26 chain scanners's applicable range is OD 50-500mm, most commonly used for middle and small diameter circumferential butt girth weld phased array measurements. The user can choose a single PA probe detection and two PA probe bilateral detection according to requirements; chain sections can be quickly disassembled and assembled, easy to operate.

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