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Shear Wave Ultrasonic (UT) Probes

Shear wave probes are the main probes used for weld UT scanning.  

  • UT Probes available in 38, 45, 70 and 70 degrees configuration
  • 1, 2, 4, and 5MHz Frequency
  • 8 x 9, 14 x 14 and 20 x 22 element sizes
  • PL Series is the default probe type
  • Lemo 00(C5), and Lemo 01 (C9) Connectors
  • Side Mounting Connectors
  • All models can be customized for Top mounting

Dimensions (mm)
Element SizeABCConnector Type
8x92716.622Lemo 00
14x14362130.5Lemo 00
20x22543244Lemo 01

Frequency (MHz)Element Size
Near FieldCodes (PL)Codes (C)
120 x 224545A1P20 x 22A45A1C20 x 22A45
6045A1P20 x 22A60A1C20 x 22A60
7045A1P20 x 22A70A1C20 x 22A70
28 x 93815A2P8 x 9A38A2C8 x 9A38
4515A2P8 x 9A45A2C8 x 9A45
6015A2P8 x 9A60A2C8 x 9A60
7015A2P8 x 9A70A2C8 x 9A70
9015A2P8 x 9A90A2C8 x 9A90
14 x 144539A2P14 x 14A45A2C14 x 14A45
6039A2P14 x 14A60A2C14 x 14A60
7039A2P14 x 14A70A2C14 x 14A70
20 x 223892A2P20 x 22A38A2C20 x 22A38
4592A2P20 x 22A45A2C20 x 22A45
6092A2P20 x 22A60A2C20 x 22A60
7092A2P20 x 22A70A2C20 x 22A70
48 x 93830A4P8 x 9A38A4C8 x 9A38
4530A4P8 x 9A45A4C8 x 9A45
6030A4P8 x 9A60A4C8 x 9A60
7030A4P8 x 9A70A4C8 x 9A70
9030A4P8 x 9A90A4C8 x 9A90
14 x 144578A4P14 x 14A45A4C14 x 14A45
6078A4P14 x 14A60A4C14 x 14A60
7078A4P14 x 14A70A4C14 x 14A70
20 x 2238184A4P20 x 22A38-
45184A4P20 x 22A45-
60184A4P20 x 22A60-
70184A4P20 x 22A70-
514 x 1445100A5P14 x 14A45-
60100A5P14 x 14A60-
70100A5P14 x 14A70-

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